Friday, April 25, 2014

Women Talking

Note:  Perhaps you remember you remember my angst over the absence of "she" voices in my "he said/she said" piece.  Today's assignment is to create a "larding" poem. Through my computer, I can practically hear the unspoken "What?" and head scratching.  Larding is also called“line stretching.” From  newspaper text, poet's must pick two sentences.  Then thy must dd a new sentence between the first two; then two sentences in the new intervals that have become available; and continue to add sentences until the passage has attained the length desired. The supplementary sentences must either enrich the existing narrative or create a new narrative continuity.

In the end, this little poem about powerful, political women was , in part, a rebuttal to the nonappearance of female voices in that other poem and, sadly, despite it being 2014, often in society at large.

Parker,Kathleen."Will ‘Grandma Hillary’ say ‘career-shmeer’?|" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  25, 2014: C-5. E-Edition. 
"Warren to read from new book" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  25, 2014: D-1. E-Edition.   

Joy is the ultimate anti-aging potion.
But it’s also a very public story – the story of each of the big fights in my life.
Talk about a legacy.

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