Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Note: My assignment was to "conclude the project by writing a poem that incorporates words and lines from all of your past 29 poems"  I'm done.  I'm forever grateful for all my new skills, but all I can think of  right now is "Hallelujah!"

egg… egg… egg… egg… egg… egg…egg…
fire… fire… fire… fire… fire… fire…
food… food… food…food… food…

her… her… her… her…her…
a… a… a… a…
I… I… I… I…

they… they…they…
payment… payment…payment…payment…
dog… dog… dog… dog…
appears… appears… appears…
man… man… man

birds… birds…
cow… cow..

adolescents… adolescents…
movie… movie…
hope… hope..
story… story..




Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Q & A

Note: This is my Canada Dry assignment.  The name is taken from the soft drink marketed as “the champagne of ginger ales.” The drink may have bubbles, but it isn’t champagne. In the words of Paul Fournel, who coined the term, a Canada Dry text “has the taste and color of a restriction but does not follow a restriction.” (A musical example is Andrew Bird’s “Fake Palindromes.”)  Be creative, and write a poem sourced from your newspaper that sounds like it’s been Oulipo-ed, but hasn’t.  I had to create my own constraint today.  As a result,  I decided to try and tell this story with as few words as possible AND only use words that existed in the original text.

When I read this column, my first thought was, "It didn't work out with this guy before, why do you think it's going to now and won't you feel ridiculous when you've given up your pet for someone you no longer want?"  

Van Buren, Abigail ."Grandparents take lots of pics" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  28, 2014: D-4. E-Edition.

Woman relation­ship man.
Had dog.
One year into relation­ship,
asked rid of dog
Caused prob­lems boyfriend.

Moved to­gether three months ago,
Insisted get rid of…

I miss.
It hurts.
Memories everywhere.

I able get back,
but jeopardize relationship
because I want dog?

Don’t think  crazy.
People bond pets
event natural disaster,
some refuse separated companions.

Insist  get rid of
shows  insen­sitivity for  feelings
disregard beloved pet 
whom significant emotion­al investment.

you should
consider choos­ing dog.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Remaining Matters

Note: This is my melting snowball assignment.  Poets are create a poem in which each single word line in which each word has one letter less than the preceding one, and the last word only one letter. From the newspaper, select a starting word, and then continue adding words of decreasing length from the same source article or passage. Combining the struggle for justice with my love of poetry is my favorite thing in the world.  I got to do that today. I loved this article and turning  it into a found poem was thrilling.   Stories like Gladys McCauley's are one reason I oppose physician prescribed death (thinks Ari Ne'eman for the term).  No need to hurry the Grim Reaper when you have APPROPRIATE supports and, as the article points out, such supports are cheaper than nursing facilities. 

Cahill, Patricia. "Hospice is about quality of life" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  28, 2014: A-1 and A-2. E-Edition.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Irrational Sonnet makes rational comment

Down to the Connecticut River and over into the Maplewood Terrace area of Forest Park
must do the right thing: Hold Entergy’s feet to the fire.

appears to be a plain, dark

contamination… the cost to ship the entire

exchange for just under
the relatively low
chance of blunder.
Correctness exists, and the reason it probably must, is that when it is totally absent, people go

and then
maybe pull
once again
a full..
and it should be Entergy Corporation’s job to pay
who isn't afraid to say?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What the newspaper blended into today

Note: This is my belle absente or beautiful outlaw assignment.  The outlaw in question is the name of the person (or subject) to whom the poem is addressed. Each line of the poem includes all the letters of the alphabet except for the letter appearing in the dedicated name at the position corresponding to that of the line: when writing a poem to Eva, the first line will contain all letters except E, the second all letters except V, and the third all letters except A.

Choose someone mentioned in your newspaper to whom to address your poem. Compose a beautiful outlaw poem following the procedure outlined above and using words sourced from your newspaper text.  I chose "mix" because it contained an x, the hardest letter to find in my per-assignment trial run. I'm proud that something which took me over 70 hours first run got done in just over 12 hours this time.

Source of source word:
“Auctions” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: C-1. E-Edition. 

Other sources:
Bernard, Barbara. Celebrate nurses around the globe” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: D-1 and D-5. E-Edition.
“Combined Market Listings” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: B-5. E-Edition.
Contrada, Fred “State report cites ‘failures’ in deaths” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: A-1 and A-8. E-Edition.
Hendawi, Hamza.  Attack on Shiite rally kills 31” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: A-2. E-Edition.
Mellor, Miles. “Crossword” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: D-8. E-Edition.
Mastrodonato, Jason. “Red Sox back to full strengthSpringfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: A-1 and A-2. E-Edition.
Platanitis, Sarah Chicopee Piecemakers ministry warms the needy” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: D-1 and D-3. E-Edition.
Plaisance, Mike.State investing $3M in center” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: A-1 and A-2. E-Edition.
Johnson, Patrick. “Hoping to prevent excessive partiesSpringfield Republican [Springfield] April 26, 2014: A-4. E-Edition.
Robbins, Carolyn. “After 5 decades in TV, she’ll finally have some time to read”Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: A-1 and A-2.  E-Edition.
Roback, Dave.  Game 2 doesn’t go their way” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  26, 2014: A-1 (photograph).  E-Edition.
"Spotlight" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April 26, 2014: A-2. E-Edition.
Stocks fall sharply on earnings news” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April 26, 2014: B-5. E-Edition.
Services and calling hours” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April 26, 2014: B-5. E-Edition.
Apologized Buffer Cooley Dickinson
Eccentric Fire-beathing Growing Hospital
Innovation Jumping Knowledge Losses
Newborns Overlooks Procedures
Quarterly Revamping Shortcoming
Thousands Unfortunately Vote
Wake XXVI Years Zoe
Aftermath Blasts Caesarean
Designed Embattled Financial
Greiving Heartbeat Join Knit
Lewinsky Mother Nothing
Oft-kilter Procedural Quasi
Remarkable Shadow Terror
Untrue Vindictive Willingness
Xerox Yarn Zone


Active Behalf Childbirth
Detailing Expertise Fully
Genomics Helicopter Irani­an-backed
Journalism Killing Leaders
Monitored Non-profit Obstetrics
Problems Quality Reformulated
Something Tharsos Uptight
Verified Work Years Zany