Sunday, April 6, 2014

Outbreak Averted

Note:This is my iambic pentameter Oulipost. Iambic pentameter is the name given to a line of verse that consists of five iambs (an iamb being one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed, such as "before"). It has been a fundamental building block of poetry in English, used in many poems by many poets from the English Renaissance to the present day.  Creating it drove me migraine central and reminded me why I am not for the most part a form-based poet.  However, it meets the form requirements exactly and makes sense.

Source: Barry, Stephanie.  Baystate Medical Center alerting 300 patients potentially exposed to measles Springfield Republican  [Springfield] April  6, 2014: A-1 and A-2. E-edition.

Reported.. confirmed…  contained… appears… appears…
 appears… aware…  informed.... concerns… declined

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