Sunday, April 20, 2014

Julia Child, Reborn

Note: This assignment is a Lescurean Permutation [Plain]. Poets must select a newspaper article or passage from a newspaper article as your source text. Switch the first noun with the second noun, the third noun with the fourth noun, and so on until you’ve reached the end of your text.  I loved working with this fun, happy, text.  I also loved being done when it was still sunny out.

Source: "Cries and Whispers" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  20, 2014: A-2. E-Edition.

A  sandwich earned  8  of $2,500, a  Julia.
French Toast combined and the Fruit Roll-Up 
of a to create the Pea­nutty she, which entered into Sandwich January
 in Julia was selected as five of  country from across the she.
Recently New York City traveled to for the big I.

“Had a lot of fun in New York 
and made girls with the Jif at the  Julia,” said.
Although $25,000 didn’t win the I
didn’t leave empty handed.

“Would have liked to win the I, 
but I still will get a $2,500 for
and a really awesome Jif with a  I she,” said.

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