Thursday, November 29, 2012


This poem wouldn’t exist had I not discovered the fabulous book Pieces of  Intelligence by Hart Seely

After finding a book of found poems
with material sourced from
Rumsfeld’s actual press briefings

Poet imagines her big break
in publishing may come not from
activist verse she’s crafteds since before
she attained teenager status.

Suddenly, she envisions
creating her own bestseller.
This one featuring
words of someone
who didn’t lose their
devotion to democratic ideals
upon Beltway initiation

Monday, November 26, 2012

Duo of Haikus on a near Haiku

Do onto others
as you would have them do
unto you.

First line perfection.
Second  by one syllable
falls  short; third by two.

Favorite teaching
Expression nearly haiku.
Poet contented.

A Facebook Friend Told Me

(a found poem taken exactly from my friend Michelle's Facebook status)

It's lovely to
not be freezing
in my apartment tonight.

I hate feeling uncomfortable
in my own home.

 My heart goes out
 to those
who still don't have heat
 due to Sandy.

I can't even imagine.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Viewing Velcro

(an observed moment with my housemate’s cat)

Calico feline
who shares my domicile sleeps  
on scarlet pillow.

On "60 Minutes"

Lions occupy
my television making
convalesce easier.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Language Composer Tells All

I am a word warrior
although I know my literary gift
is not the universal battle cry
of “Omward” in all matters of justice
and for each person I desire them to be.

Yey I  continue to
scribble them onto signs with Sharpies
opposing mistreatment of Wal-Mart of workers,
and war for no reason other than oil.

Post petitions carefully crafted
by better wordsmiths than I                           
to Facebook and Twitter
to recruit others
in sharing outrage and objecting.

Maintain a myriad
of blogs and columns
covering everything from
news to poetry.

Use imagination
to breathe life
into characters ranging
from an adolescent fairy godmother in training
to transracial, transnational adoptee with a disability
in hopes that fictional adventures
will teach someone real life lessons.

Letters cannot reconstruct
one weather damaged building
or fill a single belly.
But this particular body
has little else to offer
the revolution.