Thursday, November 15, 2012

From My Inbox

(the following was sent to me word for word as an e-mail from a beloved person.  I turned it into a found poem)

Hey you… 

That's really great to hear.
 I am feeling a lot better, too. 
Remember to be gentle and kind
 to yourself!

Forgive your leg for breaking

 and forgive yourself
 for not being perfect. 

Remember we are human. 

Each experience is
 an opportunity to
learn and grow,
as unpleasant as it may be.

I’m starting to see this light
at the end of the dark tunnel
 I’ve been in the past week.

Believe in yourself.
 Trust that you are a good person
 and a strong person.

Any fear or self-doubt
 we experience are just emotions.
They're not who we are inside.
Emotions are there
to help bring us back to ourselves.
Let them be there.
If we resist them, we get stuck there.
 Feel them and let them go. 

I’m glad my visit helped you.
 I wasn't sure if
I was any help at all.
But glad that I was.

And I think it helped me too cause
I needed to take the advice
I was giving you
for myself.

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