Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Musings on Economics

Count out four dimes
from the dime pack
representing the last
physical remnants of
the almighty dollar
you have this month. 

Spend it on mail to cheer
both a friend and service member
you’ve never met.

Be grateful for
the  government check
coming Thursday.  Pray that
the money order reimbursing
you for a misshipped order comes
before the van to take you
to too long awaited physical  therapy.

Know that while you’ll miss
a poetry reading tonight;
you’ll beg $5 or maybe $11(optimal goal)
to attend PT and maybe a writer’s social.

Calculate that earning $950 a month   
would mean an end to the perpetual cycle
of barrow/repay/borrow you seem to inhabit.

Earning $1150 would render
you monetarily independent.

Vow to reach at least one
within 365 days.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Mass Shooting #8

Authorities say a woman
was killed in an overnight shooting
 in Middleborough

and an armed man
spotted in the driveway of the home
was shot and injured by police.

Police responded
                        to the home just after midnight Friday
and found the woman’s husband
and another person performing CPR.

She appeared to be suffering
from a gunshot wound
to the chest.

Officers were told
                                                there was a man with a gun
spotted the man with a long-barreled firearm
in the driveway.

 He was ordered
                        several times to drop the weapon
and pointed it at police,
prompting officers to open fire.

He was taken to a hospital
and is expected to survive.

No names were released,
but authorities say the man
was staying at the home where
the woman was shot.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Taking Back What He Took

Source Material:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/07/03/youth-labor-party-camp-reopens-in-norway-two-years-after-mass-shooting/

The youth wing of Norway’s Labour Party 
on Wednesday opened its first summer camp
since 2011,

the year of a massacre
 by Anders Behring Breivik
that left 69
people dead.

People began gathering Wednesday
 for the camp which did not take place in 2012
 but has this year attracted hundreds
attendees than in 2011.

In a show of defiance
 by the
youth movement,
around 800 young Norwegians had
signed up, 
compared with a total of 560
participants two years ago.

“The summer camp will be run as normal
to the greatest degree possible,”
AUF chairman Eskil Pedersen said.

“We’re proud to hold a summer camp once again,
and it’s an important step for us to take.”

The camp is not being held on the island of Utoeya this year
but at the nearby hamlet Gulsrud
on the banks of the same lake, as the facilities
where the attack took place are being

“People are putting up their tents and…
enjoying themselves and looking forward
to getting started,”
Pedersen said.
To beef up security
, the organisers have been
“in close contact with the police”

 before the event
and officers will be present at the site.

The renovation of Utoeya
was postponed
after some of the survivors
                                                                                                            opposed plans
to tear down
some of the buildings.

Work will begin
at the end of next year
at the former site,
 according to Pedersen.

Breivik’s attack began in Oslo
 on July 22, 2011, where
a massive bomb
outside the main government building
killed eight,
before he travelled
to the island to carry out


Most of the victims were teenagers.

He claimed
the killings
were a protest
against multiculturalism.

In August 2012,
Breivik was sentenced to
Norway’s maximum sentence
of 21 years in prison,

which can be extended indefinitely

if he is deemed
to continue to pose
 a threat to society.