Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Musings on Economics

Count out four dimes
from the dime pack
representing the last
physical remnants of
the almighty dollar
you have this month. 

Spend it on mail to cheer
both a friend and service member
you’ve never met.

Be grateful for
the  government check
coming Thursday.  Pray that
the money order reimbursing
you for a misshipped order comes
before the van to take you
to too long awaited physical  therapy.

Know that while you’ll miss
a poetry reading tonight;
you’ll beg $5 or maybe $11(optimal goal)
to attend PT and maybe a writer’s social.

Calculate that earning $950 a month   
would mean an end to the perpetual cycle
of barrow/repay/borrow you seem to inhabit.

Earning $1150 would render
you monetarily independent.

Vow to reach at least one
within 365 days.


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