Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Ode to Ms. Wheelchair

An Ode to Ms. Wheelchair

Sister women, married or not, gather to prove
that no one can our forward progress remove
despite somes mistaken goal
to return us to a subservient role,
but these cannot stop our collective move.

We are as women beautiful
and as advocates dutiful.
We seek to influence the life
of every wheelchair using girl.
We’ll teach them you can be more than wife
and that there’s more to life than polish and twirl.

Across the nation we congregate
the standard myth of beauty queens to disprove.
Strong, wise, souls of consecrate;
we are women finding groove!

We teach others to have a complete
life on wheels instead of feet!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Second attempt

I tried to write a poem with Dragon,
but hellfire and brimstone. Poof! It went.
I guess magical program's
not so magical after all.
Now poem’s wondering around
somewhere in cyberspace nearly completed
and slightly lost;
unreachable by author.

I force myself
to remember
that my computer is only
" a stupid machine
with the ability to
do incredibly smart things",
according to Bill Bryson,
new favorite author
whose name it learned last night.

Despite failures of training-
and there have been a few-
part of me still hopes
to spare the wrists
and spoil myself;
sees new tool
as way to write independently
and still drive my wheelchair
and feed myself
and 80.