Monday, August 31, 2015


a found poem

ankle creature’s  leg
“Wait.” need

trigger detonation
loud enclosed  space cellar
leg and catered
floor beneath ignored ringing
assesed the results bright gushed
wound slower pulse
viscous sliver of bone showed
damaged tissue, pale moist
After the gunshot,
thoughtful. knelt
duct  tape stunch bleeding,
rotten flower stink

Source material:
Wilson, Robert Charles. Burning Paradise, Tor, 2. 50. Print.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


a found poem remixed using
The Lazarus Corporation Text Mixing Desk v2.0

Maintain the infrastructure needed,
sell it truth
Nestlé is trying priceless resources;
trying priceless resources.

We need to demand
out of the bottling is coyly marketing
this awful plan financial straits.
Offer them peanuts.

And get this:
Oregon is getting conned.
Is getting conned.

The cost
the pockets of the public. Of the public.
The becoming even more reckless.
Even more reckless.

Now is protect Oregon's water from Nestlé.
Water from Nestlé,
0but the reality is for weeks.
And yet, amidst all this destruction.
All this destruction.
Source material:

Schommer, Joseph. "Stop Nestle from Sucking My State Dry." SumOfUs. 30 June 2015 (approx). Web. 30 Aug. 2015.