Friday, July 12, 2013

Mass Shooting #8

Authorities say a woman
was killed in an overnight shooting
 in Middleborough

and an armed man
spotted in the driveway of the home
was shot and injured by police.

Police responded
                        to the home just after midnight Friday
and found the woman’s husband
and another person performing CPR.

She appeared to be suffering
from a gunshot wound
to the chest.

Officers were told
                                                there was a man with a gun
spotted the man with a long-barreled firearm
in the driveway.

 He was ordered
                        several times to drop the weapon
and pointed it at police,
prompting officers to open fire.

He was taken to a hospital
and is expected to survive.

No names were released,
but authorities say the man
was staying at the home where
the woman was shot.

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