Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Language Composer Tells All

I am a word warrior
although I know my literary gift
is not the universal battle cry
of “Omward” in all matters of justice
and for each person I desire them to be.

Yey I  continue to
scribble them onto signs with Sharpies
opposing mistreatment of Wal-Mart of workers,
and war for no reason other than oil.

Post petitions carefully crafted
by better wordsmiths than I                           
to Facebook and Twitter
to recruit others
in sharing outrage and objecting.

Maintain a myriad
of blogs and columns
covering everything from
news to poetry.

Use imagination
to breathe life
into characters ranging
from an adolescent fairy godmother in training
to transracial, transnational adoptee with a disability
in hopes that fictional adventures
will teach someone real life lessons.

Letters cannot reconstruct
one weather damaged building
or fill a single belly.
But this particular body
has little else to offer
the revolution.

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