Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My belle presente, presente!

Limitations are good they stretch those flabby writing muscles we all forget to work.  However, too many limits are just insane.  I like this form, but found it impossible to both be limited by using only the letters in my chosen name and finding said words in today local papers.  I looked though 2.  Here is my most complete effort (with two words located), but not best belle presente created.  Thank you, Wordles (fabulous website for this sort of thing).

Hero= Mastrodonato, Jason. “Bradley is the boost” Springfield Republican  [Springfield] April  8, 2014: B-1 and B-2. E-edition.
Opt= Pitts, Frank. “Don’t equate Christianity with conservatism” Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  8, 2014: C-5.  E-edition.

Source Name: Robert Chipkin, a Springfield Republican Columnist whose column "Spring woods bring sense of adventure" I enjoyed today.
Hero poet
opt tinker rhetoric

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