Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Note: This is my Canada Dry assignment.  The name is taken from the soft drink marketed as “the champagne of ginger ales.” The drink may have bubbles, but it isn’t champagne. In the words of Paul Fournel, who coined the term, a Canada Dry text “has the taste and color of a restriction but does not follow a restriction.” (A musical example is Andrew Bird’s “Fake Palindromes.”)  Be creative, and write a poem sourced from your newspaper that sounds like it’s been Oulipo-ed, but hasn’t.  I had to create my own constraint today.  As a result,  I decided to try and tell this story with as few words as possible AND only use words that existed in the original text.

When I read this column, my first thought was, "It didn't work out with this guy before, why do you think it's going to now and won't you feel ridiculous when you've given up your pet for someone you no longer want?"  

Van Buren, Abigail ."Grandparents take lots of pics" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  28, 2014: D-4. E-Edition.

Woman relation­ship man.
Had dog.
One year into relation­ship,
asked rid of dog
Caused prob­lems boyfriend.

Moved to­gether three months ago,
Insisted get rid of…

I miss.
It hurts.
Memories everywhere.

I able get back,
but jeopardize relationship
because I want dog?

Don’t think  crazy.
People bond pets
event natural disaster,
some refuse separated companions.

Insist  get rid of
shows  insen­sitivity for  feelings
disregard beloved pet 
whom significant emotion­al investment.

you should
consider choos­ing dog.

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