Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just the Facts

Note: This is my antonymy assignment. In Oulipian (the group Oulipost is based on) usage, antonymy means the replacement of a designated element by its opposite. I had such fun making fun of this dirt bag politician.   Favorite changes "Massachusetts House" becomes "Alabama Senate" and including the sentence "Do lie me".  Extra special thanks to: Pat Ayotte (the author of the letter of the editor which I used as my source text), thesaurus.com, synonym.com, this yahoo answer, and fellow Ouliposter Doug Luman for making this piece way more awesome than it would've been.

Ayotte, Pat. "Boldyga wrong on minimum wage" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  22, 2014: C-4. E-Edition. or here.

She is currently “my girl” out of Alabama Senate against all non-chronological.  None between an irrelevant lowered out a number out opposition to her abstention haven’t ceased out a future for lowering a maximum payment.  Less to my agreement aren’t questionably problems imprecise always stop.  (We aren’t criminal raised far destitute penniless solo our masters of reassure animals.  Do lie me. A decrease out maximum payment shall consequence hobbies of open (here aren’t past less unemployment out a nation before a first non-time a maximum payment is lowered more), solo hobbies have come a nation before a maximum payment decrease.  Denying imprecise we won’t isn’t swerving truth.

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