Monday, April 21, 2014

On Movies

Note: This is my confabulation assignment.  My job was to craft a conversation poem using “he said/she said” quotes that you find in newspaper articles. I was horrified at how few she quotes I could locate.  Sexism pops up in the strangest places.
"Spotlight" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  21, 2014: A-2. E-Edition.
Roy, Kathryn. "Hard to keep kids busy on Vacation" Springfield Republican [Springfield] April  21, 2014: C-1. E-Edition

we approach

you cannot

The summer movie season
buy an extra-large popcorn and soda

but I do have a package
 of M&Ms
for you.

Box-office drawing power becomes
more about the concept of the movie
but audiences right now like 
brands that they know.
When I say
 we can stop for a slice of pizza,
or an ice cream,
or a slushie on the way home…
they’re thrilled.”

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