Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Harambee/Very Much Concerned

Note: Oulipost #1- Quote cento, while composing a cento, poets take lines from existing poems (traditionally without any alterations) and patch them together to form a new poem. Today, create a cento using only quotes referenced in newspaper articles. For example, if a newspaper article contained the line “It was a tragedy,” commented Detective Smith, the line, “It was a tragedy,” would be available for you to use in your poem. While you can’t change anything within the quotes themselves, you may choose to break a longer quote in half or use just part of a quote as needed.

Scherban, Debra. "Amherst students, faculty turn for  vigil in support of teacher"  Daily Hampshire Gazette  [Northampton] April  1, 2014: A1 and A6. Print.

We must remember, school is no place for hate
What most people do not see or know about is how
 deeply these violations have hurt her
and traumatized her.  She is genuinely fearful of re-entering
that building to resume her duties.

Let’s use this opportunity to dedicate ourselves to striving
toward greater civility among one another.

we will not stand by idly,
but that we will work in each
 moment to fight for the oppressed
and to take an active role in fighting
racism in Amherst.

I am hearing people say this is being blown
out of proportion.  It is a big deal and
 we need to let people know they need to take this stuff seriously.

I am destroyed by what happened to Ms. Gardner
It is important for me to take a stand as a minority student,

We felt it was important that we step out as a union and as educators to make sure students could see that we are united against racism and that we are committed as a body to ensuring the safety of every member of our school community.

We will continue to work with our community 
partners to engage all the issues.

She's, however, doing her best to work through it. 
We pray better days are ahead.

We all need to show our support and respect.

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