Friday, December 21, 2012

Yet again...

There was another mass shooting in Pennsylvania today.  Source material here.  I vow to remember every mass shooting in 2013 with at least one found poem.  The murdered in such atrocities were people before they were victims who merit remembrance.  I only hope  However, I would be delighted to  need to write zero, of course.

Three people
including a woman decorating a church
 have been killed after a gunman opened
 fire early Friday in Frankstown Township
in Central Pennsylvania.

After wounding three officers,
the attacker was killed in a shootout
 with police.

The shootings started at around 9am local time.
 Police confirmed that the incident extended
over several miles, adding that they were investigating
at least five separate crime scenes.

Authorities did not release the names
of the victims or the assailant,
 but said they were not related.

 State police are still trying
to determine a timeline and motive of the attacker.

A woman decorating a church
 for the funeral of the pastor
is believed to be the first victim

The shooter then allegedly opened
fire at two men on the driveway of their home,
killing one.

 The third victim was shot at a crash site
 after a car chase with police.

When the gunman encountered law enforcement,
 a shootout began that ended his death.

 Two Pennsylvania State Troopers
 were injured during the confrontation,
 with one being shot twice
and a second injured by glass fragments
 in his eye and bullet fragments in the forehead.

 A third officer
 was injured in a car crash
 during the ordeal.

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