Tuesday, December 11, 2012


To all the people who saw me through my femur injury in person, online, by telephone and post.  You are too numerous to list and I am too grateful to attempt because I’m afraid I’ll miss someone.

It’s finding yourself in a Hallmark movie.

It’s remembering to apologize to everyone
 you’ve whined to or melted at.

It’s finding community.
 It’s finding yourself.

 It’s knowing there’s
 a reason for everything,
although you’re unglued
and doubting.

It’s rejoicing in
keeping schedules,
honoring  commitments,
finding shreds of normal.

It’s learning to accept
body's new found limits
which hinder ability 
to honor word.

It’s believing the woman
who marched for liberation
in 20 degree temperatures
remains inside the one who
feels this broken.

It’s believing people
who  tell you aforementioned
when you’ve stopped.

it’s realizing
doctors and therapists,
however well meaning,
aren’t the ones who understand
your body’s healing schedule
and reclaiming your hard won
self-determination when spirit
informs flesh ready to accomplish
activity against medical advice.

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