Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bloodshed in a Place Beside a Long River

Quotes are from  Richard Schlesinger’s segment for 48 Hours episode “Newtown” which aired on December 15, 2012.  Dedicated to the  victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, their family and friends, plus the entire town of Newtown, Connecticut.

Newscaster  summed
still stunned thoughts
over the inexplicable loss 
of so many innocents
and those charged with imparting knowledge 
with single, perfect sentence.

“People born in 2006
should not be dead
in  2012.”

But I did not know or forgot
the other 61 Americas lost this year
when some fellow citizen “snapped…
got his hands on guns… and left us this.”

As a country 
we have been through this too many times.” 
Our recently reelected President
dead panned to reporters,
calm detachment hiding a father’s horror.

 Going to the gym..
 a night club…
a high school…
 a university..
a coffee shop..
 a movie theater …
a temple..
a mall…

Supposedly safe places
suddenly hazardous.
This month of multiple
holy nights disrupted  
by some unhelped person
reaching personal breaking point.

Chilling words complete yet
another tale of 20 dead children
just 11 days shy of  Santa’s  anticipated yearly  visit
“What  we don’t know is how to prevent
the next one."

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