Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pieces of Advice

The December 27th found poem source material is from the fabulous Cara Liebowitz's Facebook status who copied it from the equally awesome Jessica M. Moye

Dear non disabled friends/crushes/suitor

 Women with disabilities are
just like many others.

We have xray vision
for lies
and bullshit,

 we like being
 pampered, listened to and cared for,
not just when something is wrong

We will gladly let you kno
w when we are hurt
or disagree with somethingg.

 We will apologize
 when we're wrong
and have no qualms
with make up sex!

Yes I said sex,
don't like it?

 Go sit in a corner

The only thing that sets apart
us is we have four wheels
or sometimes two crutches
to hit you with if you do the unthinkable!

 Aside from that,
 we'll gladly give
(and receive)
 all the respect and love that's deserved.


An honest woman with a disability!

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