Saturday, November 8, 2014

Under Burden

Legal terminology exists for
the hardship reconstructing/modifying/tolerating me
causes those considered dominant in this society.

We lack language for
the way my heart breaks
at leaving my friend
in the nursing facility.
Each time I visit visible tears
accompany me home, along
with an extra dose of rage
at the structures designed
to keep her there.

My mind screaming
at receiving another e-mail featuring
a teen abandoned or injured
because of who their biochemistry
directs them to love.

Gathering to march in mourning 
to remember one more brown boy
shot by those designated
to enforce the law
or a some citizen’s
mistaken  “concern”.

An aunt's horror because
girls are raised to be more interested
in couture then college.

The difficulties
that arise from being
a social aware human
in the body I was born into
are discounted by a world
in which I’m considered always
less then.

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