Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This tee-shirt and jeans organizer girl
landed her dream nine to five
and is living on take out and ovenless, due to,
poundage piles on.

When new outfit is
needed to impress the guy
whose deposits equal everyone’s paychecks
my ethics clash with my pocketbook.

I’m a big girl without the weight living on delivery
for nearly a fortnight caused; I’m a size 6 only if a 2 precedes it.
But I refuse to spend part of my new salary on something
made in China by children or political prisoners,
no matter how appropriate.

Google yields a plethora of fashion forward options
in colors and patterns I’d actually enjoy wearing,
even though my heart still belongs to tee shirts and jeans.

But the perfect outfit requires
three digit expenditure to ensemble.

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