Friday, November 7, 2014


Note: After being assigned to watch When Billy Broke His Head... and Other Tales of Wonder for my new job.

Tears spring
at the site of decreased,
never met, or younger than I’ve
ever known them friends and colleagues
in the disability rights movement.

I’ve heard the stories of the instances featured,
but seeing them on DVD is another matter.

Paul walking and ventilator free.   
Wade with his Barbie Goldilocks, chatting, not knowing he will drown before opening day.
Laura, alive, and rolling political hallways
with her also wheelchair using life partner, Robin.
Ed in his “womb with a view.”

Phylis with brown hair, returned to me,
I recognized her spasms and letter board,
though the hair I knew, when we were arrested
in the Atlanta Marriott  still fighting the institutional bias,
turned  gray and mousy with the years.

Larry, ever ageless,
Ervin, quick and charming. more  mobile than I’m used to,
and  George among the breathing.

Gimp filmaker gave the gone back to me
for single hour; new co-worker headed me a tissue.
No one at my independent living center calls this behavior  unprofessional.

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