Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wheelchair stall: Lobby bathroom Harrisburg Hilton

Day 3 of Robert Lee Brewer's PAD chapbook contest

Hyperventilation, anaphylaxis
automatic  tightening of airways…

Imaging self  here in this poorly designed,
supposedly wheelchair accessible toilet
in this hometown hotel.

Falling here,
bought about by toxic mix of
poor decisions in moment of panic,
poor assistant hiring choices,
and legs muscles made all the more poor
by years in poor power chair seating system
has cost me  12 months and counting
of life as I knew it.

When I go home for Christmas
I must confront this place,
forcing trembling legs to rise
even an inch here with chair
and more reliable assistant
right behind me just might
defeat the demons that keep
my healed leg from holding me.

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