Friday, November 1, 2013

Glutton for Punishment

This is my first 30 poems in 30 days entry.   Still seeking donors.  Have rewards. 

I bicker…                 
I write…
I read…

            Decide to turn dolphins
            into my new book's abolitionists.
            Plan plot twists
                        to reach 50,000
                                    while wrangling other writers
toward the same goal.

Research sea mammals
at Barnes & Noble.
feeling like an indie bookstore
patriot turned bloody back
especially after buying a Christmas card.

            Forgive as card is a random act of kindness
            en route to a boy the medical industrial complex
            deems inches from death.

                        Hope personal defiance of such predictions
is transferable via postal service.
Pray the angels pay attention to wishes
sent to strangers in the mail.

Come home.
Write poem.
Add words to Nanowrimo novel.
Don’t even press a single key
in pursuit of November chapbook challenge victory.

Know that each day in November
will begin behind the eight ball.

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