Thursday, November 7, 2013

Upon Learning of your Passage

For Nick Feldman, RIP
You’ve joined the ancestors
and part of me envies you that reunion
although I know you’d rather be here
fighting the good fight.

Rest assured the struggle will not end with you
or me
or generations
generations hence.

All I request is
that you watch over us
marching forward in
hours too early or late to match
personal circadian rhythms.

Send angel’s warmth
to over chilled, inaccessible cells
or parking garages they’ve
turned into temporary prisons
because a few thousand pounds
of mobility equipment plus human
is hard to transport
and they think making us breath exhaust fumes
is a brilliant way to break spirits.   

Request of Most High
to cover us in sun beams
instead or rain drops
as we keep on going forward.

And, lastly,
since you’ve arrived before I will,
remind all our friends
I am coming

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