Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sought Not Located

This house my body;

this house my house-

both had needs unmet/goals unfulfilled

this Sabbath.

After night that ran late

in search of muse that

was continually absent

and has been so for more

weeks than I’d like to remember.

I slept after the day,

missing brunch the body/tongue

planned to enjoy in hopes

of stimulating palate

and imagination.

But pointless 4:30

in the morning waiting,

leads me to nothing gained.

Instead this day

is spent housebound

with no illness to blame

my new found laze on.

This body waits for my soul

to find new inspiration

inside these walls,

with this machine,

to make new worlds

to share with others

I value.

Instead of pointless

cable TV staring

without feeding


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