Tuesday, July 31, 2012


(Theme: This what she sent back to me)

Thank you for your email regarding
your experience with the Holiday Inn Philadelphia - Historic District, PA.
We apologize for any inconvenience
this situation may have caused you.

I have forwarded your comments
to the General Manager and ownership
of this hotel. We are committed
to guest satisfaction
and appreciate the opportunity
to address your concerns.

As our hotels are in the best position to assist,
I have requested they contact you directly
to discuss the situation further.
They will be contacting you directly
via email within 48 hours.
If you still require assistance
after this time frame,
please contact Guest Relations again.

I almost laughed
at non-specificity of reply.
But frown when I remember
my deflating pride,
pain of impact
with bathroom floor
and embarrassment of needing
multiple unknown men to hoist
me back into safety of wheelchair
after formerly trusted grab bar
fell from restroom wall.

Holiday Inn doesn’t realize
I wasn’t taught to be the kind of
woman easily ignored.

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