Friday, July 20, 2012


(theme: Mixing paint)

I want a child
over 3 and under 12
preferred, although negotiation
is possible if I fall in love
with the right face.

Innermost desires are for a minivan full
hues from every continent
where ancestors and God made
humans wander.

In North America,
they can carry any color
from soft peach to mahogany,
being as we are the melting pot.

My South American
will most resemble person
I could’ve born and hopefully be
the daughter whose hair I can
watch someone braid
into pigtails like mom used to.

My African will most likely come
from the Ugandan school my friend
runs that serves disabled students.
At least I can rescue one,
I think.

My European child
likely to be palest
being ivory or at darkest peach
with hair of ginger or gold.

My Asian child
sporting skin from Dijon to chocolate
plus obsidian locks,
will be the envy
of every boy/girl/ both
if that’s their fancy.

My Australian
owns the sun kissed locks
as I don’t intend to remove
an aborigine from their culture
and turn them in
an American teenager,
even a socially aware one,
via transnational adoption
unless I find them languishing
in an orphanage with no
to claim them.

Me, my co-parent, and our
rainbow colored adoptees marching
to make the world a bit better
on a multitude of fronts.
Some of mine and some of theirs.

We will agree by mutual respect,
to be there in service each other’s causes,
even if it’s not our main issue.

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