Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mass Shooting #6

Source Material:

GREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) - A man armed with a shotgun shot
one person outside a North Carolina law firm Friday
before darting across a busy street
 and wounding three others outside a Wal-Mart
 before officers subdued him, police said.

Officers confronted the man
 outside the store and caught up with him
 behind a nearby Toys "R" Us.
He fired at them
and they shot multiple rounds back,
wounding the gunman,
said Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden.

The suspect was expected to survive
 as well as the four others he's accused of shooting,
Aden said.

The gunman's first target
was seated in his car outside the Kellum Law Firm
on the city's south side, Aden said at a news conference.

The firm's main office in New Bern declined comment.
Kellum has nine personal injury offices in the eastern part of the state.

 the first victim down when he arrived
on the scene at the Kellum Law Firm.
The suspect crossed
five lanes of traffic

 after the Kellum shooting
 and injured the three others
before he was caught, Aden said.

 Police are still trying to determine the shooter's
identity and motive.
He is in police custody at a local hospital, Aden said
The victims are all
in operating rooms
at local hospitals, Aden said.

He didn't give specifics
 on their conditions
 or their names and ages.
The shooter was using
 a "pistol-grip shotgun"
with an unknown number of rounds, Aden said.
He had a bag filled with ammunition, Aden said.

"He had enough to really do some
significant damage,"
the chief said.

Aden said officers responded
within mere minutes
 of the shooting calls, WNCT reported.

He added that their training
in mass shootings,
"likely prevented a larger crime scene
with multiple, multiple victims."

Aden said police are still sifting
through video footage of the scene.
Greenville is about 85 miles east of Raleigh.

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