Friday, August 26, 2011

Working the Weekend

I’m undertaking a full scale effort
to make up a month’s lost productivity
in 72 hours-

a speech recognition program to train
to comprehend my God instilled gimp accent,
three articles to finish,
almost a dozen reviews to begin,
4 videos on magic to watch
so the magician/prince in my novel
doesn’t seem quite so foolish.

Then it’s time to revisit the outline
for the story that’s been percolating
in my head since Christmas which I must
dictate to poet friend in 72 hours over Labor Day weekend
in order to possibly win publication
and enough fame to make my mother stop
inquiring what, exactly, I think
I’m doing with my life.

Any spare moments
already devoted to preparing two
separate submission packets
due on the same day
as well as trying to make payout
on an internet Q&A site by Wednesday
so I get paid next month,
even though the odds of making over $8
in 4 days means answering or posting
about 800 questions and my schedule
just doesn’t allow.

Plus, because this emo poem
got to long for a postcard
I now have one more task to pile
atop my pile.

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