Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm on Strike, too

(dedicated to Lowell McAdam, Verizon CEO)

Holidays that honor martyred bodies
are not bargaining chips whether the body
be Dr. King’s or some wet behind the ears
18-year-old fresh out of boot and blown to bits
in Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever we’re making war this week.

And when some Verizon big shot
thought he could get away
with turning someone’s deceased
son/daughter, mother/father, sister/brother
into a tool for negotiation

Your fellow Americans spoke back
in one and many voices
“We will simply not pay; We swear won’t see a cent.”

We will picket your stores.
Tell others not to enter.
We won’t buy your upgrades.
We’ll find new providers.
You’re stock will fall.

And if you really want our money,
you’re going to have to come and jail us all
from 91 year old World War I vet to the single mom
to me, complete with electric wheelchair that only moves when I tell it to
or when several uniformed officers attempt to move it’s500 pound, plus me, mass
with the gears still engaged.

But you’ve come to your senses-
rescinded offensive demands-
and the union’ called off this picket line
having more faith than I do that you’ll keep your word
to bargain in good faith.

But don’t think we won’t be watching
and won’t be back next time.

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