Monday, September 9, 2013

Mass Shooting #12

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 A prayer service
 was held early Sunday evening
at First Christian Church of Lake Butler
 to pray for the families of the victims
of Saturday's mass shooting
 that took the life of a trucking company owner
 and two of his employees.

was a time for Lake Butler residents
to come together, to pray for each othe
and to remember those killed in
a shooting rampage.

The Union County Sheriff's Office said
 80-year-old Marvin Pritchett was shot
and killed on his farm
by his former employee, Hubert Allen.

Investigators believe the 70-year-old
 also shot three other men.
 One has died and another is barely
 clinging to his life.

"Mr. Pritchett was like a dad to me," said Tim Whitehead.
 "He was like a mentor to everyone
 he came into contact with.

 He built an empire here
 and he was someone you could look up to."

Art Peterson is the pastor at First Christian Church
where the Pritchett family has gone to
worship for decades.

 He said he knew almost everyone involved,
 including Hubert Allen.

"You know
, in fact, I talked to him
 (Allen) last week," said Peterson.
 "It shocks me because never
 in a million years would I guess
that he would do something like this."

While residents admit they are
having a tough time with making sense
out of this tragedy,

 they understand a tragedy like this is hard
, but are certain their faith will help them heal.
"It's just a time for people to come together
and not judge anybody.

 As one of the sayings go,
 'good always overcomes evil'
and so we just need for that to help us now."

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