Friday, October 7, 2011

NJ Pride Parade Poem

An acrostic poem in honor of
the first NJ Disability Pride Parade
and Celebration

Newly blooming offshoot of
Efforts first planted in Chicago then on the
West coast.

Joyous proclaiming that we demand right to
Embrace our bodies. However they’re designed.
Regardless of
Else’s opinion as to our being’s correctness. We
Yearn to turn this

Deepest wish
Something we experience
As daily reality,
But we know there
Is much to accomplish before
Living that dream
Is possible. We must struggle
Together, remembering the pitfalls of
Yesterday’s lost battle as we

Prepare to
Reengage in endless, small wars to achieve the
In and inter
Dependence we so desire. Believing
Each moment in the power

& strength of our

Collective, self-determined, wisdom above all
Else. Directing whatever resources can be spared to
Liberate both ourselves and
Everyone else from
Bondage we never chose. We
Realize this fight will be long
And may last generations, but for
Today, let us say/sign/whatever
Into the heavens that we are here as
One community and we are
Never turning back.

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