Friday, July 8, 2011

Thoughts on Food

(a rough draft)

I'm a grew up on meat and potatoes
kind on girl,
omnivore to core.

I dated a vegan once
and discovered all sorts
of new foods
and new ways to prepare old favorites
so we could share a supper.

After watching Food, Inc. a few times
I realize there might be more to vegetarianism
then meets the eye.

That what's on my dinner plate
sports worker's rights violations,
the death or illness of children from Ecoli
in ground meat or-
I didn't know this was possible-
eating leafy greens.

That eating factory farmed meat
is morally wrong as steward of the Earth
as well as helping to create hyproxias 1
on the only planet we almost 7 billion humans
share with the rest of the species herein contained.

Why, I wonder, do we live in a country
where burgers cost less than carrots?

Why do, we, as voters, allow the powers that be
to render the USDA,
the very people who are supposed to make sure our food is safe,

Why aren't we demanding that all fast food
be made with free range livestock
Chipotle does it;
why can't everyone else?

Instead, we allow subsidies
to scue our food systems
towards the bad calories,
making it even harder for poor people
to decide to eat well.

It's not just a matter of self control
or family discipline.

It's matter of access to grocery stores,
farmer's markets that don't take food stamps.
It's a matter of the Dollar Menu.
It's a matter of knowledge.

It's a matter of privilege
and power.

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