Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Introduction: I have a public Poetry Blog

I'm a late poet to the public blogging sphere. I've used the internet everyday for most of the last decade. I've been a subscription based blogger Blogit, for a subscription based website since 2004; that has netted me $250 thus far. That's about $50 per year. It's sadly, about $.05 a year after the fee (I just figured this out today).

I'm also a member of triond.com, but have only earned about $1.50 there. Also triond is an obscure community and I want more people to read my poems. I figure this blog will a useful place to point people, too, when they want to look at my poems.

The final reason I finally got a public, poetry blog was because Robert Lee Brewer, a poet I really respect, told me (and other poets who read his awesome website- poetic asides) to get one today.

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