Sunday, July 27, 2014

Money Management

I earn $23 in two hours selling chapbooks yesterday,
that puts me $7 over minimum wage,
which makes my time fill valued. 

I am certain that means
I can a survive a day out
in various Western Massachusetts towns,
complete with transportation, food, and a few wants.

I find myself spending the absolute
last of my earnings
on hearty Hungarian mushroom soup
and something called spanikopita

before joining my family of poets
at our traditional second Thursday gathering.

Moments after last mouthful,
I realize I forgot to save $1 for copies
of still unwritten poem
I plan to have critiqued tonight.

Praying the library takes checks.

1 comment:

  1. The $23 only includes the time selling the books, not all the hours spend writing them, materials etc. I used to sell dolls at craft fairs and I'd be so happy until one day I figured it out. I hope the library took a check!